Geometric Brass and Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings (Small)

25 GBP
Geometric Hoop Earrings 
Sterling Siver Hoop
SmallHoop 30mm

Brass Shape Size:
Hexagon Large: Each side 14mm long. Total height 25-30mm
Hexagon Small: Each side 10mm long. Total height15-20mm
Fan Large: 30mm high x 42mm wide
Fan Small: 20mm high x 30mm wide
Quatrefoil Large: 27mm x 27mm
Quatrefoil Small:17mm x 17mm
Trefoil Large: 20mm x 25mm
Trefoil Small: 17mm x 15mm
Circle Large: 22mm
Circle Small: 15mm
Triangle Large: Each side 25mm. Total height 21mm
Triangle Small: Each side 20mm. Total height 17mm

Also available in Large size, please see other listings.
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